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What you'll find at Rivermark Academy

Here at Rivermark, we're gathering a faculty and building a catalog of workshops and courses characterized by hard-won wisdom, tenacious growth, and genuine love.
If those are the sorts of traits you want to develop in your life, you've come to the right place. 

Hard-Won Wisdom

The sort of learning we're after is the hard-won wisdom variety. Rivermark faculty members are all knowledgeable in their respective fields. But they've also weathered really hard circumstances (vocationally, spiritually, relationally). And not just weathered them--they've allowed those circumstances to refine rather than embitter them. Here at Rivermark, we offer learning that's been tested through fire. 

Tenacious Growth

The Rivermark community is committed to tenacious growth. We pursue real and increasing maturity--in our relationship with God (faith, doubt, vocation, practice), with self (emotions, calling, work, mindset), and with others (family, friends, co-workers, community). Rivermark workshops and courses reflect this tenacious pursuit by offering practical tools not just for a quick fix, but for significant change and lasting growth.

Genuine Love

We find learning a bit hollow if it doesn't help us know (understand and experience) God's love for us more deeply. Or if it doesn't help us love God and love others more authentically. All Rivermark courses are built on this foundation. Sometimes the connection is obvious (like a prayer course); sometimes it's more subtle (like an event-planning workshop). But watch for it. You'll see this thread throughout our offerings.

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