Enneagram Typing Session
with Kirsten Wilson

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Typing Session

Introductory Pricing 

Typing Session: $50
Not sure about your Enneagram type?
Book a one-hour typing session and I'll help you figure it out!

Note: Bundle your typing session with a 5-session individual or couples coaching package to explore your type further! 

Next Step: After purchase, watch for an email from Kirsten to schedule your session(s).

Questions? Contact Kirsten at [email protected]

Coaching overview

The Enneagram is a great tool to help you understand the reasons you act, think, and feel in the ways you do. It can point out blind spots, potential traps--and provide practical steps toward growth.

Discovering and exploring your Enneagram type is rich and rewarding work. But it's not always fun or easy. For that reason, it can help to have a coach guide you through the process.

Kirsten Wilson has been doing her own Enneagram work for several years now. Because of the deep and real and lasting change she has seen (and continues to see) in her own life through this work, she studied to become a certified Enneagram coach. Add years of ministry, teaching, and recovery experience into the mix, and Kirsten brings a unique blend of resources to you in every coaching session. 
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Meet the instructor

Kirsten Wilson

Kirsten Wilson is the founder of Rivermark Academy. Kirsten lives at the intersection of faith, story, and relationship. As a certified Enneagram coach, Kirsten helps clients move toward health and growth, relying on God's guidance and the enneagram's wisdom. In addition to coaching, Kirsten is an instructor at Colorado Christian University, and has decades of church ministry under her belt. Kirsten engages life with the scholarship of a seminary grad (M.Div., exposition and teaching), the eye of an artist/storyteller, and the authenticity of a recovery ministry leader. Follow Kirsten on Instagram and Twitter
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